Monday, August 1, 2016

China Hutch to Glam Rum Bar

We had this old, dated, boring, china hutch that we could NOT sell on Craigslist. Swip-Swap. Could not give it away and didn't want to drag it somewhere. So, I was in the process of redecorating a few rooms and decided that I HAD to find something to do with this.

What came to mind?


Remove all hinges, doors, shelving and frames. We also CAREFULLY removed the mirrored back paneling.
Important: Remember to keep all of your screws, bolts and knobs in a safe place so you can put everything back together.

Use a palm sander to buff the surface of the wood. Wipe the dust from the surface first using a damp soft cloth, then using a dry soft cloth.

Paint the entire surface with the paint color of your choosing (we went with Olympic Two to Tango). We replaced the o' so snappy mirrored back with bead board, so we painted the bead board as well.

We could not find hinges that would work, so thank you KRYLON for your metal spray paint! Cheesy Gold Hinges to Smooth Bronzed Hinges in a snap.


Reassemble the final piece.

I had an absolute blast with this (probably because the hard work was done by someone else). Picking out the crazy West Palm Glam paint color, finding the seahorse handles and stumbling across a Pottery Barn end of summer sale for the kick ass Mermaid bottle opener and Flamingo party and Tony's Lounge bar towels (sometimes the stars just align).


The. Bar. Is. Open.

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